Visit the Riverside Iowa Casino

riverside iowa casino

Visit the Riverside Iowa Casino

If you are wondering where to go and what to do in Iowa City with your family then a visit to the Riverside Iowan Casino is something you should consider. This is one of the best family oriented casinos in the state that will allow you to have an enjoyable and fun time gambling and hopefully won’t cause you to get the shakes, run off your feet or faint on the floor!

Riverside Iowan Casino is a very large facility that is used for large scale tournaments and special events. It is located right on the river and has been rated one of the top five gambling establishments in the nation for sports handicappers. You will be able to get all the amenities you would expect in a larger casino such as live music, drink specials and TV’s for all the games you want.

Riverside Iowan Casino does not provide any special benefits for those who are accompanied by children. They are expected to provide their own seat belts, wheel chairs, and guide the children to and from the tables. All of the staff at the casino will make sure to take care of all of your needs at this establishment.

There are usually some great deals going on at Riverside Iowan Casino, but the credit card system has been changed from cash to a VeriSign debit card. You can use the credit cards to buy snacks, drinks and other items. This card is good at any of the establishments of Riverside Iowan Casino including the food court.

For the newest guests, Riverside Iowan Casino offers great food and drink specials, but they do not accept cash unless you have the money to deposit. The seating arrangements for these types of events is normally on the outside balcony. If you choose to sit in a prime location on the outside balcony, you may even be able to get a seat in the game room.

The in house restaurant is decorated in a very classy way and provides some fabulous antique collectibles for your enjoyment. The food is outstanding and they have daily specials as well. They also have a full service bar that is open all day and offers a huge selection of craft beers.

They also offer table tennis tables and a lot of other activities for people that love the outdoors and love are out in the city. There is an outdoor lounge that has lounge chairs, a fire pit and televisions that are tuned to the different sporting events that are being played. There is even a large pool table where you can relax with a drink and enjoy the view.

Riverside Iowan Casino is not only a place to play poker but it is a place to enjoy the whole day and night. A visit to this casino should not be missed. All you have to do is drive through the casino to the river and you will be ready to start a great night of fun.