The Riverside Resort and Casino in Iowa are One of the Top Hotels in the State

A place that truly encapsulates the great outdoors is The Riverside Resort and Casino in Iowa. I love coming to Iowa and exploring all of the different things that this state has to offer. The most intriguing thing about a visit to The Riverside Resort and Casino in Iowa is the way that the scenery here is almost completely the same as what you would see on the Great Plains.

riverside resort and casino iowa

The Riverside Resort and Casino in Iowa are actually located in a small town called Linn, Iowa. The setting of the casino is set right on the banks of one of the many waterways in this town. These waterways are incredibly scenic and offer a unique setting for a casino setting. While you’re here, you’ll definitely want to stop in and check out the many different waterfalls that are situated around the town.

A favorite way to spend an afternoon is to take a boat tour of the nearby waterways. If you’re lucky enough to find a boat tour to be on you’ll get to experience some of the best scenery that Iowa has to offer. You’ll get a wonderful view of the riverfront and most likely will catch at least one of the numerous types of birds that you’ll be able to spot in Iowa. You can’t help but love the incredible view that you get here.

While you’re enjoying the beauty of the rivers and the waterfalls in The Riverside Resort and Casino in Iowa, you’ll also want to stop in for a meal. I’m pretty sure that when I eat at one of the restaurants in this town I won’t leave until I get my meal. The Riverside Restaurant and Bar is one of the many places that I like to stop in when I’m in this town.

The menu at this restaurant is very tasty and offers some of the best food that you’re going to find anywhere in the beautiful scenic setting of Iowa. The food here is very good and if you do happen to be heading into the dining area before or after a meal, then I highly recommend making a pit stop here. The atmosphere at The Riverside Restaurant and Bar is lively and you will definitely enjoy having the opportunity to get out of the comfort of your hotel room and check out the excitement that you will experience by eating here.

Since the Riverfront Restaurant and Bar are located on the banks of one of the main waterwayways in this town there is always a wide variety of water creatures that are sure to greet you on your first visit. You’ll most likely be amazed at the variety of different animals that are on display here. There are quite a few different kinds of birds that you’ll be able to enjoy as well.

The second largest lake in Iowa is the La Vista Lake which is located in a town called Wiseman. You’ll find that the two lakes are very large and boast a lot of wildlife that you won’t want to miss. If you’re looking for a place to hang out and relax with a drink then you’ll want to check out the Wiseman Dining Room.

This bar offers two different locations for you to dine on the water and there are a couple of watercraft that are available for hire. If you’re looking for something more adventurous then you can stop in for a fishing trip. One of the major draws that you’ll get when you’re here is the fact that you can fish from the river’s edge and catch some great big fish that are sure to be fantastic.