Riverside Hotel and Casino – Experience a Stylish Day of Fun and Entertainment

Riverside Hotel and Casino, located in Iowa City, is one of the finest city hotels and casino in the country. Located in the heart of the Iowa State Fair grounds, the hotel features a luxurious dining experience along with every other amenity you can imagine. The grounds are lined with an assortment of hotels and restaurants to satisfy your dining and sightseeing needs. They also boast an excellent breakfast area complete with an expansive breakfast bar stools.

riverside hotel and casino iowa

The casino is open from early morning until late evening. For those guests that would like to get out and explore the city, the casino has five levels of entertainment. Along with the amazing services and facilities offered by the hotel, the casino offers a total package for all those that need a wonderful night out.

From its original location in the city of Ames, the casino has expanded to the riverfront with the recent addition of two floors. It now boasts of five different restaurants, four bars, an arcade, water taxi, and a jukebox. There is even an indoor ski ramp for those guests looking to get out of the casino for a bit of a workout.

The casino offers even more things for those who love sports. They have six levels of laser tag and an incredible 9 holes of golf on site. Not only does the casino offer an incredible ambiance for their guests, but it offers many other options for those looking to escape their daily grind.

It is no wonder that the casino has earned a name in the eyes of the locals. With multiple restaurants, bars, and a variety of entertainment options, the casino is where you go for fun and entertainment. Whether you are looking for a little friendly competition or to simply enjoy the great food and drink options, the casino will provide everything you need.

When you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy a fantastic time, you will not find anything more welcoming than the casino. So whether you want to take advantage of the fantastic services provided by the casino or just want to have a great time, the casino is the right choice for you.

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