A Great Place To Experience The Ultimate Casino Experience

For a truly memorable gaming experience you’ll want to play at the River City Casino Hotel in Iowa. Located on the banks of the majestic Hawkeye River and near the University of Iowa campus, River City is the ultimate gambling and entertainment destination.

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Built on an eighteen-acre campus, River City offers over seventy four thousand square feet of space that is beautifully landscaped. The grand dining room serves as the hub for the hospitality industry. In addition to the main dining room, River City features two huge banquet halls, a restaurant bar, and guest rooms and suites.

The hospitality industry at River City allows guests to enjoy three-star amenities, a fully-stocked bar, and top of the line restaurants and casual dining establishments. These include specialty stores, a coffee bar, and twelve playing tables. Here you can indulge your senses by playing in any of the fourteen pinball machines or compete against other players in their favorite casino table games.

With eighteen slots and table games, fourteen video poker machines, twenty-one roulette tables, two craps tables, four blackjack tables, twenty-five baccarat tables, and ten poker tables, River City is a great place to relax and unwind after a hard day of sports or clubbing. Additionally, there are three dart boards and nine roulette tables, fifteen six-deck bridge tables, ten eight-deck bridge tables, two ten-deck poker tables, and three roulette tables in the lobby. The hotel also boasts a full service sporting bar, home to a full service game room with televisions and a bar and full service gaming tables. Guests can choose from multiple selections of food and beverage including twenty-seven selections of wine, local beer, and specialty cocktails.

All of the gaming machines are supported by state of the art surveillance technology, and the cameras ensure that the games remain safe and secure for everyone involved. Guestswho are visiting River City should also remember that all common areas are equipped with premium leather chairs, and a heated swimming pool.

The River City Casino Hotel is also host to several other events throughout the year. There is an eight lane bowling alley located on the second floor, which hosts tournaments, local professional league bowlers, and tournaments that are sponsored by local organizations and schools.

River City also offers an annual kid’s club tournament, which encourages kids to take a stab at the high stakes gambling games. At the year’s finale, kids are awarded a coveted grand prize of a night at the casino with live shows, music, and specialty drinks. Although many of the kids go home with cash prizes, all of the winners are also given complimentary gift certificates.

Guests looking for a true casino experience should make their reservations at the River City Casino Hotel in Iowa. The hospitality industry ensures that everyone has an amazing time while enjoying the hospitality of the River City Casino Hotel.