Riverside Casino in Iowa City

riverside casino in iowa

Riverside Casino in Iowa City

If you are looking for a great destination when it comes to the Iowa State Fair then look no further than the Riverside casino in Iowa City. This casino is located on the southwest side of the River Street Mall and is surrounded by beautiful trees, the River Street Bridge and the Cedar City Shopping Center.

The Blue Top Ridge Golf course is still closed. The rest of the hotel is still temporarily closed until May 27th, 2020 due to the flooding of the downtown area during this spring. Visit our site for all of the latest information on our current status.

The Blue Top Ridge Golf course has a very nice green with many trees to keep the players out of the wind. They have some great sand traps that they use in the greens to help them maintain the quality of play. This is definitely a place to play any time of year. If you want a good workout this casino offers two different options for you.

The Downtown Resort Casino has a full service bar and restaurant and is one of the largest casinos in Iowa City. It also offers five casinos for you to play at and has all of the great games that you would expect from a casino. All of the gaming machines are up to date and offer all of the latest features. There are several game rooms that provide you with the experience of playing at a casino and you will find that there are plenty of great games for everyone. This is a great place to take your family if you are visiting Iowa City.

The Downtown RiverWalk Casino is a two story hotel on the river that is located next to the downtown area of Riverside. It has a number of restaurants and bars right on the water and it has some wonderful restaurants on the riverwalk. You can enjoy some delicious dinner and drinks on the bridge, or you can just lounge around and relax. The casinos are all located right on the water and offer a great casino feel as well. It is great to go shopping around here and find some nice souvenirs and things to take home with you.

For those who are interested in gaming this casino offers everything that you would expect from a real casino including table games, video poker, slots and blackjack and much more. This casino is located right on the river that has the great entertainment and restaurants for you to enjoy. There are so many great things to do in this area that it is hard to choose which one to visit.